Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African Community: If You Can Breathe, You CAN Do Yoga!

I have written a concise, simple and readable book on Hatha Yoga. YOGA, MEDITATION AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY. I wrote it for everyone regardless of age, size or physical condition who wants to stay stress-free, happy, fulfilled and healthy.
This book will lead the yoga aspirant through the process of fulfillment. It has a loving and knowledgeable approach as if the reader were right in my Yoga studio at the Doolin Healing Sanctuary.
The Yoga Asana’s within this book will, if one will practice, helps burn calories, strengthen the body, mind and soul and offer benefits one cannot even imagine. All one really has to do is KEEP BREATHING!
For myself over the past fifty years I have found incredible benefits regarding my spiritual growth, quick healing from a near death accident, peace and ways to keep my body and mind healthy and fresh. I wanted to share the possible benefits one could receive such as how:
•The practice of Yoga is loving and limitless.
•Adding yoga to one’s daily life will bring amazing and positive changes in their life.
•Yoga will arm one, with hope, faith and practical solutions as a healing tool in your life.
•The practice of Yoga is made effortless and easy through the information in this book.
•Participants will benefit greatly by applying these teachings to their daily life!
There are MILLIONS of people who are suffering from one type of illness or another or debilitation of some kind. They don’t realize or haven’t been introduced to the beneficial effects of how yoga can help one move beyond limitations and restrictions in order to be free, mobile and excited about life! This book provides hope and direction for a renewed body, mind and spirit.

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