The Eye Of An Eagle

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Nii Mensah is a student leader from Ghana escaping death by a coup. He lands on the UCLA campus, the place he dreams is the great American freedom.

America, in reality, is a strange new world of cultural differences and clashes, of struggles to survive, pain and loneliness, no a dream at all.

He holds only one thought–finish college and return to his country. Shortly, he meets three brilliant students from different parts of Africa.They end up tutoring him and life gets better.Those mentors play a vital role in his survival, and hope.
As Nii Mensah learns, the reader also learns important historical facts about the bountiful inventions of African Americans and the life-changing contributions of his own deposed leader, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Meanwhile, he meet the lovely African American princess–Barbara! Sparks light up the skies. She becomes his Green Card wife from hell. Only a stroke of spirit guides him back home.