Love Hurts

LOVE HURTS” is the second book from the Unwanted Visitor Series. It drags the reader back into the dark, angry beginning of Trish’s life in Ogo, North Carolina, where her mother’s eyes and solid grip controlled her, day and night. After graduation, she escaped to Washington, D.C without a word to her mother. She knew if she didn’t leave then, she would be stuck in that God forsaken town, the rest of her life. What she didn’t know was, her actions would force her to face her real self. The reader witnesses the lies she told us in book one because, the Unwanted Visitor is raging to prove that every word she told us was a lie. Her marriage in D.C. swept her across the ocean to a military base near Madrid, Spain. Disappointment interrupts her thoughts of finally consummating her marriage vows. Left alone in this strange world, she falls into the waitress job at the Officer’s Swank Club. She also finds the managing officer boiling with desires from behind steely gray eyes. She’s found the perfect love, but the Unwanted Visitor has her same feelings. In their fight to win the prize,venom spews from both Trish and the Unwanted Visitor. It’s anybody’s guess who will win..