God’s Power to Heal

One of the most difficult things in life is being truly transparent. On the other hand, it is also one of the most beneficial things. Such openness is not only cathartic and beneficial to the one revealing themself, but it pays great dividends to those on the receiving end.

In Name of the Book, Renee Culpepper has demonstrated a great deal of courage in revealing the naked truth of her life’s experiences and we readers are the better for it. From her humble beginnings in Florida to her growth in California, Renee shares secrets about her life that we all can relate to, and can learn from.
As with most people, Renee’s relationship to her parents proves to be very significant to her life story. In a time when so many people are estranged from their parents, it’s refreshing to reflect on a generation where that was not the case.

But, as I have stated, Name of the Book, is not some fairytale rendition of a ‘perfect life’. Renee’s trials are raw and real, and cause us to ask ourselves some tough questions about what has shaped our lives and how have we responded to it.

As Renee’s pastor, I have witnessed one of the hardest-working, committed leaders I have known. However, it is through this book that I have come to better understand the things that have shaped Renee into the faithful and victorious person she has become.