Overview of the course:

12 weeks–2 topics per week

[jbox] Write Your Bestseller-Kind-of-Novel in 90 Days is the only course of its kind. All of the techniques well-known bestsellers use have been simplified so that a 13 year-old can follow it. We have not missed one technique you need to write like a popular bestselling author. [/jbox]



  1. Premise
  2. Powerful power points-six that delete sagging in the middle
  3. The controversial outline
  4. Bigger-than-life characters
  5. Fresh angle on story
  6. Dramatic question
  7. How to plot for real—straight line from beginning to end
  8. Untangle the opening—revealing more and more
  9. Closing chapters on a cliff
  10. Transitions that make the story seamless
  11. Show and don’t tell really means.
  12. Dialogue in its natural state
  13. Settings that blends best
  14. Creating the fictive state
  15. Point of view character (s)
  16. The art of emotions
  17. The power of motivations
  18. Oops, description and setting might pull you in the pit
  19. Exploding climax
  20. Ending has to come from beginning
  21. your bestseller mindset
  22. your bestseller sacrifices
  23. your ability to exactly follow the instructions
  24. Your fresh ideas

You will have a gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

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You need to write your bestseller-kind-of-book.

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