“Don’t wait five years to become a bestseller”

INDIE BEST WRITERS was created to give writers, authors, publishers, book clubs, and writing entrepreneurs the closed-door secrets to name recognition that brands and grows celebrity. Our unique blueprint of pages, funnels, tips, and planned tools, set our writers above the noisy crowd, opening the door to a solid and wildly successful career. Our writers impact the world to become a better place to live, in a cutting edge way.  Is that you?

Members here receive the same worldwide exposure and speedy results that flooded the Internet with  big name authors about five years ago. Now the same door is opened for your success: no more waiting four years to sell your book to a mainstream book company, no more living below the poverty line because you chose writing for a career, no more knowing where your next meal is coming from, no more working in isolation.  We are here for you. We cooperate to call attention to YOU.

Marketing knowledge and celebrity cause readers to choose your books over thousands that scream for readers to buy from them. Our powerful 10 key Kindle Secrets open the closed door of monthly income as the starting point of a stellar writing career–such as million dollar sellers Amanda Hockings and John Lock–Kindle stars.  One was picked up from a main stream publisher. Others have been picked up too.  More will be picked up.

We are dedicated to writers, authors, writing entrepreneurs and publishers success.  You are welcome here.

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My best for your success,
Martha Tucker

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