Greetings Writers

Greetings Writers…For those of you who were not present at our September meeting, I shared with those in attendance that my Humanitarian project was accepted by Landa. It has to go through one more step that may take up to 3 weeks before I receive my final acceptance letter from them.

I am excited and KNOW and CLAIM my acceptance letter. They are asking anyone and everyone who has a humanitarian project that will uplift, help others to please apply. Go to Please read all their info. Listen to a few of their calls, which are on the website. And you decide if you want to give them an Executive Summary. If you want to submit, and you do not have an Executive Summary, you can go to FormSwift: Create Legal Documents You can follow their format, which I did and is quite easy. It is a 7 day free trial. I was able to send Landa my Summary from www, Any questions, please feel free to call me at :818-849-4819 cell.

BTW, my project is called W.O.W: Write On! Workshop. It is a creative writing program for elementary to high school students. I founded it in 2000, and was quite successful with it in LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District), alternative HS in So. Central and Camp Kilpatrick in Malibu. I will finally be able to see my dreams come true of having a W.O.W Complex in Los Angeles, which will include other programs as well.

Keep on writing, my friends…Blessings

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